Ethiopian Wedding – Decoration and Styles

adminSeptember 14, 2014
wedding ethiopian
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Ethiopian Wedding can be the brilliant idea in holding a wedding celebration or wedding ceremony. The Ethiopian wedding is thick of traditional custom that will make the wedding to be more attractive. To hold this wedding theme, you have to prepare some preparations, such as wedding dress, decoration style and Ethiopian catering.   Ethiopian Wedding […]

Black Tungsten Wedding Bands for Men

adminSeptember 14, 2014
tungsten rings black
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Black tungsten wedding bands is the right choice for man to show his masculinity. This is a kind of future jewelry for man to show durability and strength. The black color of tungsten symbolizes the sophistication and power which is really suitable for men in order to show their characteristic   Great Designs of Black […]

Indian Wedding Decorations

adminSeptember 13, 2014
simple indian wedding decoration
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Indian wedding decorations can be the greatest wedding party theme; besides of that it also can be unique style of ethnic wedding celebration. Indian style for wedding is well known with the colorful decoration, it is will improve the atmosphere of wedding and also make the wedding party to cheerful automatically.   Preparation of Indian […]

Beach Wedding Theme with Coral Wedding Invitations

adminSeptember 13, 2014
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Coral wedding invitation can be the way for you to show your wedding vision of beach wedding theme. Besides of that coral also symbolize the power of love which is strong resilient. This wedding invitation theme can be the smart idea to show your love which is as tough as coral.   Top Design of […]

Elegant and Vintage style of Peacock Wedding Invitations

adminSeptember 12, 2014
wedding invitation peacock
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Peacock wedding invitations are the kind of elegant wedding invitation which shows the elegance of peacock feathers. If you are choosing peacock as the wedding invitation theme, it is a kind of worth because it is symbolize some admired characteristics of human and it is also the symbol of beauty to show the true color. […]